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Looking for Movers Company Bethesda Maryland? Bargain Movers is here to help!

Movers Company Bethesda, Maryland | How about contacting a company that has been moving both residential and commercial clients for the last 30 years? You got that right. Bargain Movers Bethesda is not your ordinary moving services company. It has an experienced workforce whose combined experience totals up to over 100 years.

We understand why you want to move to Bethesda. According to a 2014 Forbes list of the most educated small towns in the US, this town emerged top. So there is a good reason you want to move to this neighborhood. If you are a residential client, you are probably looking to live in a neighborhood of upwardly mobile people and if you are a commercial company, you are looking to relocate in an area where you will never lack for a pool of highly educated workers.

The name “Bethesda” is adopted from the Aramaic name “beth hesda” which is translated to mean “House of Mercy” or “House of Kindness”. Our qualified staff will be helping you move into a town with a population of 63,374, a healthy number of whom are “merciful and kind”. If you have any doubt about the kindness of the people in this town, here are some facts for you: the town has over 200 restaurants, 20 art galleries and two theaters from where the locals catch up. In addition to that, the town has parks such as the Veteran’s Park and the Caroline Freeland Park where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Among the high-end housing estates you will probably be moving into include; Rosedale Park, The Palisades of Bethesda, Battery Lane Apartments among others.

At Bargain Movers, we not only ensure that your belongings are padded and wrapped in a timely manner but also disassemble and reassemble your furniture at your new location. Our moving services makes your relocation a hassle-free and seamless as experience, allowing you to concentrate on more important activities such as meeting your new neighbors and memorizing the landmarks. How is that for a small town?

Our areas of specialization include :

  • Both Long-term and short-term storage of your belongings
  • Both long- and short-distance moving
  • Packaging
  • Both commercial and residential moving

…and much more!!

Give us a call today for a free estimate. We are fair with our rates. You won’t be disappointed!

Moving service Bethesda Maryland
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