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Bargain Movers provide Specialized Services. This includes moving items of high value, equipment, antiques, fragile items, art, and any other item you may have. We have professional crews who have been trained on how to handle such items and move them without any damage. We coordinate with you from planning, packing and moving the equipment to ensure maximum safety.  We have the necessary equipment to handle any odd shaped items. We customize each move according to your exact needs. You cannot just trust anybody with you high-value items. You have to ensure the company you choose have the necessary experience and capacity to handle your specialized moving. We handle specialized moving within the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area. We also move to other regions you may request us to.

Moving specialized items requires attention to even the minute details. Most of these items are not even replaceable. A fine piece of art is worth more than money could buy. A piece of furniture may have been handled down the generations. Some of these items are not only rare and expensive; they have sentimental value to the owners due to their history. Thus is this item is damaged, it is not possible to replace it. We understand this and thus we take the greatest care when handling such items. Our crew has successfully moved many specialized items. We have handled business for individual, companies, organizations and even the government. Our prices are competitive. We work with you to understand your requirements and then deliver to your expectations.

We recognize that job of specialized moving involves much more than just the ordinary moving furniture. We understand that some of the valuables involved are irreplaceable. Therefore our employees are trained to be extremely careful, respectful and understanding of our client’s needs. We pride ourselves on up-holding these values, which is one of the reason we have built a strong loyal client base for over 30 years.

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