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Yes, we are a licensed, bonded and insured moving company with interstate authority.  Further, we are a certified Pro Mover and accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating. In addition to these, we have won numerous awards due to our excellent services.

We operate Monday to Saturday 7 AM to 7 PM. We remain closed on Sundays.

Our crews are trained to properly pad and wrap all required furniture with moving pads and shrink wrap.  This is standard operating procedure for us.  We ensure all TV’s and fragile items are properly boxed for best protection.  We recognize certain pieces may require special attention and we make sure it gets just that.  The truck is then loaded like a game of Tetris to ensure everything is snug which helps minimize any movement during the drive. 

We do offer full packing services or partial packing services, depending on your requirements. In the full service packing, you relax and let our qualified team handle everything for you. This is typically done a day before relocation. In the partial packing service, you pack the items you can get to and we take care of the rest.  Most commonly in this scenario we pack the most challenging items such as kitchenware, china, artwork, lamps and any fragile items.

We have all the packing materials you will need to pack your home! We can help assess the materials required or you can complete the materials form and email/fax it to us. Any unused materials can be returned and not charged for. We will have an inventory of your packing materials on move day.

We provide in-home, virtual and over the phone estimates free of charge and without any obligation. We strive to provide estimates as accurate as possible based on the information you provide to us. Our prices are among the best in the DC Metropolitan area. We offer the best value for money.

Yes, we offer moving services within an 8 hour driving radius.  Think of it as up to Boston, over to Detroit and Cincinnati, then down through Knoxville and over to Myrtle Beach.  Our long distance service is dedicated to you and only you.  We do not commingle customers’ goods on long distance moves and you have the same crew from start to finish.

Yes, we ask for you to remove all contents from furniture with drawers.  First, it’s to protect the piece itself against any undue stress. Secondly, small items can get lodged in the furniture piece causing drawers not to open.  Lastly, when dressers are full of clothes, it’s like moving a piece of furniture with a 50 pound suitcase on top of it!

We cannot transport any flammable or hazardous items.  Basically anything that blows up!  So no propane tanks, gas, oils, paint and such.  We also cannot transport live vegetation, no plants or gardens.  No live animals or non factory sealed foods.  For a full comprehensive list please call our office or request via email.

The crew will ensure your home is properly protected.  We place floor runners at the entryway and walkways of your home.  The banisters are protected with covers as well as your front door.  We can also provide Carpet Shield for the carpeted areas of your home.  Should special care be required in a certain area, we can take care of that too!

Mother nature can sometimes make moving a little more challenging.  If our crews can get out and operate safely, we will be there!  If you have flexibility to reschedule your move and we have room on our schedule, we will reschedule your move.  Please keep in mind that moves will take longer in inclement weather.

You have two options of how your household goods are protected during your move.  The first is standard valuation and the other is replacement valuation.  Both are explained in detail within the written quote we provide.

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