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Looking for a Moving Company in Alexandria VA? Bargain Movers is here to help!

Moving Company Alexandria, VA | Bargain Movers is the first port of call when you are moving to Alexandria Virginia. After being in business for more than 30 years, we can confidently say that you will have no better. We pride ourselves with helping hundreds of customers move into new homes or offices in a hassle-free manner.

A Little About Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria is home to 139,966 residents and is an independent neighborhood in the larger Commonwealth of Virginia. It is nestled in the sleek neighborhood of the west banks of the Potomac River. It is located about 7 miles south of the Washington D.C.

The historic center of Alexandria features restaurants, antique shops, and boutiques. It is one of the best neighborhoods to live in the US and you are lucky to have secured a place there.

Our Services
  • We have enough experience and expertise to make your move to Alexandria Virginia as hassle free as possible. Below are some of our moving services:
  • We will assist you to get rid of unwanted items
  • We will insure your belongings when they are on transit
  • Bargain Movers team will sort, pack and label your belongings in different boxes.
  • We fit our trucks with GPS technology so that we can track where your belongings are at any one particular moment.
  • We disassemble and reassemble your furniture for ease of transportation
  • We offer both long term and short term storage in climate controlled warehouses in case you are not moving into your new address immediately.
  • We use an item replacement  method that is very easy to follow in the case one of your belongings is broken or lost during the move. Naturally, we try and avoid breakages at all costs but at least with us you know you are covered if something does happen.
  • And we do all these at very competitive rates.
Our Pricing

We will base all our free quotes on the services you procure with us. Regardless of how little work you give us, we will guarantee you maximum safety and professionalism.

Give us a call today for the free quote. We will not disappoint!

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