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Looking for Movers Company Arlington Virginia? Bargain Movers is here to help!

Arlington boasts the highest family median income in the United States and this means it is home to some of the wealthiest Americans. That notwithstanding, Bargain Movers Company Arlington will still give you a moving quote that is within reason. Integrity and professionalism are our hallmarks.

After moving families and companies in and around Virginia for more than 30 years, we are confident to stay that you cannot get a better moving company. Our services are lauded by our past customers and our rates are some of the best in the country.

Among the services that you can expect to get from Bargain Movers include:

  • Getting Rid of Unwanted Items – We can help you organize a yard sale, and if there remains items that you do not want to take to your new address in Arlington, we can either call in the debris removers or donate your items to charity.
  • Sorting, Labeling and Packing – In order to make loading and unloading items into our trucks easy, all your belongings will be sorted, labelled and then put into the correct moving box. This ensures that items will be taken into the correct room in your new residence, making unpacking easier.
  • Transport and Warehousing – We transport your office or home belongings from both short and long distances. In case you are not immediately moving into your new address, we have climate controlled storage rooms where we can store your property until you are ready to move.
  • Dismantling Furniture/electronics – Sometimes, it will be very hard to transport heavy furniture or electronics. We have experts who can not only reassemble the furniture and electronics, but also install them at your new location.
  • Security of Your Belongings – Apart from having staff that are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, we install our moving trucks with the best GPRS equipment as well as take insurance cover for the goods on transit.
  • Item Replacement Policy- Should any of your belongings get damaged during the moving process, we have an item replacement policy that is easy to invoke.

Our pricing is based on the number of services you want to procure from us. However, we promise maximum safety of your items regardless of the quantity of the contract with us.

Give us a call today for a free quote. You will not be disappointed!

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