Safety Precautions while Moving

Safety Precautions When Moving

Moving into a new home is an exciting prospect. Most people look forward to it with a great sense of excitement and relief. However, relocating one’s belongings’ is a challenge. With adequate planning and safety precautions, you’ll find the whole process less daunting. Relocation will involve lifting heavy boxes and lots of movement. This then requires us to move more cautiously so as not to injure ourselves or cause any damage.

Take care of yourself, family and pets

You’ll need to take care of everyone in the home including yourself.  You can involve small kids to the extent of packing their stuff, but when moving large items and the actual relocation day, it would be better to keep them out of the action. Pets should also be kept away as they can be easily injured. On moving day wear clothes that fit right. Avoid loose clothing or very tight clothing. Be sure to wear closed shoes and make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day by taking water breaks.

Pack safely

Packing items sounds like a pretty straightforward task, where you just toss them in. This is not the case. You should be conscious of safety while packing. Never pack more than 50 pounds in one box. Pack lighter items in larger boxes and heavier items in small boxes. While packing the big boxes, make sure you don’t leave lots of empty spaces within the box as this will make moving them awkward. Properly labeled boxes will help determine which boxes to stack over each other without causing any damage.

Stretch your muscles

Packing and moving will make you work your muscles. Even when you have hired a moving service, you’ll still be involved to some extent. It is thus important to stretch your muscles to avoid any injuries. A few minutes of stretching to warm up your muscles will be good enough. While lifting heavy items, avoid bending your back, bend your knees instead.

Take care of your new home

Safety is not all about you; your house needs to be cared for as well. If you are moving to a brand new house, you don’t want to have repair bills too soon. Before you move in, have the house thoroughly cleaned. Everywhere in the house should be cleaned to get rid of any dust and debris that has accumulated. This is the best time to clean the house since there are no obstructions, you can access every corner easily.

Safety is a top priority while relocating. Bargain Movers is a professional moving company that will be able to advise you on all safety precautions. Our technicians are properly trained and follow all safety procedures.  Contact us at 301-685-6789 or

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