Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Tips For Moving In Bad Weather

The weather is something that is out of our control. If we were asked, we would prefer moving bad weather in just the right weather, no snow, no rain and just the right amount of sunshine. However, this is just not possible. In a few instances, we can plan our move at times when we predict the weather will be fine. For instance, during the summer months the weather is ok for moving and moving companies are usually very busy. Other times, we are forced to move at short notice due to circumstances and we have to work around the weather. Even the best-planned moves can often be disrupted by unfavorable weather.

The very first thing to do is to follow weather reports every day to determine what the weather on the day of the move is likely to be. With this information, you can plan accordingly. Let’s now look at the different weather scenarios and how they impact on your move.


Rain on the day of the move is likely to have a major impact. Light rain may not have as big an effect and you can manage to move with some precautions. However, in cases of heavy rain, you may consider postponing the move to another day to minimize damages and losses. If you are not in a position to postpone, then you may have to move with the rain. The very first thing to note is that everybody involved must be safe at all times. The second consideration is that your possessions must be safe. Rent some plastic boxes beforehand to pack your belongings. Cardboard boxes will not serve any purpose as they will crumble when wet. For furniture, moving pads should be covered with plastic wraps to keep them dry. Get the moving truck as close to the house as possible so that you don’t have to carry boxes in the rain. Lay some blankets or towels in the house to prevent floor damage by the movers. Alternatively, you can have some people working from the inside and passing over items to people stationed outside.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that moving in the sunshine is best. It is quite hectic with all the sweating, dehydration, sunburns. However, this is easier to manage with adequate drinks and sunblock. You could also do with frequent breaks to prevent exhaustion especially for those doing the heavy lifting.

Winter weather

Winter weather involves sleet, snow, and ice. This is the most challenging weather to plan a move. The risk of injury to people as well as damage to property is very high. You need to have special considerations while moving in this weather. The path from your house to where the truck will be positioned should be clear. You can use some salt or sand to achieve this. Have a few shovels in place and after loading keep them easily accessible for the same use in your destination. Just like in rainy weather have some blankets or towels or old sheets placed on the floor to prevent any damage in both locations. You could have some hot beverages ready for anyone involved in the move. In instances, when the winter weather is too bad, you have no choice but to cancel the move.


You should always dress according to the weather. In winter, have some warm clothing and raincoats if necessary. Gloves will come in handy. Protective shoes that have nonskid soles should be worn in wet weather. In hot weather light clothing, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a hat are recommended.
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