How to Make Moving Easier for Pets

Pets suffer the discomfort of relocation just like a human being if not worse. This is mainly because they cannot talk and express their feelings. Pets love familiarity; new environments make them anxious. However, we can make the process a little easier for them by planning ahead.

The very first thing to do is to enquire from your moving company whether they handle pets. If they do, then you can plan in the best way possible, to move them alongside your other possessions. If they don’t, you can arrange other means to move your pet. It is important to make sure your pet is in good health as the shock of moving can be too much to handle. If unsure, see your vet to have them checked. If moving long distances or between states, make sure to check if there are any laws regarding pets entry.

On the day when you move, make sure the pet has proper identification with the address of your new home. This will help trace your pet to her new home in case she gets lost. Have some food and treats as you travel to keep your pet engaged. Some pets have a problem traveling. They should be taken for short trips beforehand to accustom them to a moving vehicle. Travel with them rather than leave them to strangers. This will greatly reduce their anxiety. However, it might not always be possible, in case of reptiles, rodents or birds, secure them in a cage and cover it up to make them remain calm. Your vet might also prescribe a sedative to reduce anxiety if your pet is affected by travel.

While loading your stuff, pets might feel neglected. Have someone keep them company constantly check on them. Remember they are anxious about all the happenings only that they cannot talk. If your pet becomes agitated in the days leading up to relocation, you could consider having them boarded.

When settling in, designate a room for your pet away from all the hassles of arranging your stuff. After you have settled in in your new neighborhood, have your pet on a leash when you move out to avoid her getting lost. They will quickly adjust to the new surroundings.

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