Signs that you need a Bigger Office

Signs You Need a Bigger Office

As businesses grow, they will often need to expand into bigger offices. It is every business owner’s dream to grow and expand. However, businesses tend to overstay in their initial office space. It may take a client to comment that your office space is small to jolt you into action. We shall look at some signs that will indicate you need a bigger office space.

Shared desk space

If you find several of your employees sharing desk space, it’s time to consider a move. The sharing of desk space may lead to distractions and loss of productivity. It may also result in poor organization of important documents.

Cramped spaces

Employees may not be sharing desk space but may be cramped up together in tiny spaces that limit movement. Distractions will still occur and injuries may also occur. Poor air circulation may lead to loss of productivity among the employees.

Pressure on existing meeting rooms

A typical office will have frequent meetings. These may be staff meetings, management meetings, client meetings, trainings or various other meetings. If there is pressure on existing meeting rooms either not able to hold enough people or need for more meeting spaces, it is time to go for bigger space. Holding meetings in hotels or conference facilities is expensive to the business besides the risk of passing on confidential information in public areas.

Running short on storage space

Every office needs storage space. Some businesses need more depending on the supplies they handle. If you find your business often renting storage space, it is time to consider moving into a bigger office. Renting storage space may just be a temporary solution but is very expensive in the long run.

Injuries in the workplace

A cramped up office will lead to workplace injuries. People struggling to fit small spaces, dodging furniture and equipment can lead to cuts and bruises. You also don’t want your employees to trip and fall over piles or boxes because of not enough space in the office. The health and safety of your employees should be a priority.

Clients struggle to get to your office

If your clients visit your office and they have to walk past hallways full of files, equipment, or unused furniture to get to your office, it is time to move. Clients may find this unprofessional and may not want to do business with you.

As businesses outgrow their office and need to relocate to more spacious spaces, it is a good indication of growth. Even if you have enjoyed success in your current location, don’t be afraid to move, clients will still find you in your new location. You will also enjoy increased productivity and more expansion opportunities.

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