How to Save Money during your Move

How To Save Money During Your Move

Moving can be expensive. There are a few ways we could save on some money associated with moving.

Timing your move

Moving companies are often busy during the summer months and during weekends. During these times, they will not give a discount. If you have the luxury of planning your move well in advance, you could save quite a lot by planning your move during the offseason. September thru May is the cheapest time of year to schedule a move. You will, however, need to be aware of the fact that poor weather may impact you move.

Comparing prices

Moving companies in a region might have differing prices. While it is not advisable to go for the lowest quote you can get, comparing prices vs. the services offered will give you a good idea of what you are paying for. You can also read customer reviews and testimonials about the company. Please note that some companies give low quotes as a bait then ramp up charges on the day of the move. Get an in-house quote and ask questions regarding any additional charges. It would help to ask for the maximum price you are likely to pay to plan your budget accordingly. Some moving companies charge by weight while others apply an hourly rate.

Do all the packing

You can pack all your stuff on your own. This will significantly lower your moving bill. You can buy or rent some basic packing supplies. You can also get creative while packing. Sheets, blankets, and clothing can act as your bubble wrap. Call the moving company only when you have finished all the packing.

Get rid of clutter

Moving affords us a great opportunity to get rid of some items we never or rarely use. If it is still in good condition, you can donate it. The rest should be discarded as trash. Alternatively, you can organize a garage sale and raise some money. Relocating your clutter will be expensive and tiring.

Claim a tax refund

In some cases, you can claim moving expenses. If you moved within a year of starting a job that is located more than 50 miles from your old home, you are entitled to a refund. Refundable expenses include moving, storage, insurance and packing costs.

Plan your utilities

Utility companies will often bill a whole month. You will save some money by cutting off non-essential bills before your move. That is if you are moving somewhere in the middle of a billing cycle. Many people pay for services they barely used for a whole month in their old home while also paying the same services in the new home. Cable, internet are some utilities you could cut and live without for a few days before moving.

Bargain Movers can provide full-service packing or partial packing per your needs and budget. Our full-service packing allows you to relax and let us take care of everything for you. This is typically done the day prior to your relocation. We can also partially pack your home concentrating on some of the most difficult items such as your kitchen, lamps, art work, TV’s and fragile items. This way you can pack the easy items such as books, linens, clothes and non-fragile items. If you are in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas, contact us today for a free quote 301-685-6789.

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