How to Pack and Move Electronics

Moving Electronics

We live in a golden age of technology, in the average home; you’ll find numerous pieces of electronics. Moving these will require some special attention as they are mostly delicate and sensitive to environmental factors. These include desktop computers, laptops, video games, televisions, stereo systems. To ensure that they will remain in good working condition, you’ll need to make sure they are not exposed to any damage. Let’s look at some tips on how to pack and move these electronics.

Back up your files

Before we even get to packing, we need to back up all our important files. This can be done in an external drive or in the cloud. Backing up files is crucial as it will ensure you still have your documents even if something terrible happens.

Disconnecting the appliances

Follow safety instructions that are available in the operator’s manual on how to disconnect the device. Always switch off the power source before disconnecting the appliance.  If the appliance has various cords, label each with a different color sticker and use the same color to label where it connects for easier reconnection.  You can also take a picture to reference later how where each cord went. Wrap the cords neatly otherwise you’ll endure the frustration of untangling them.

Packing in the right boxes

You’ll need the right boxes for packing your electronics. The best box is the one in which the specific item came in. This was shaped to fit the item and was sturdy enough according to the manufacturer. If you are like most people who convert the boxes for other uses or dispose of them, you might inquire from the manufacturer if they provide replacement boxes. If they don’t, you should get a sturdy box from a moving company and use lots of bubble/plastic wrap and strong packing tape to have the boxes remain closed. You should label each box with the name of the specific electronic. Label which side should remain upright for proper handling and moving. Follow the manufacturer’s details on how the item should be packed and transported. These should be available on their website.

Environmental control

Some electronics are sensitive to very high or very low temperatures and other environmental factors. Read the operator’s manual to determine this. If you are storing them for extended periods of time, remove the battery if present and store it separately. For printers, remove the cartridge and wrap if separately as well. If unsure, ask your moving company, they will know as they have handled this frequently.

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