The Best Packing Tips from the Professionals

Packing and the subsequent unpacking are the most stressful aspects of a move. In our professional experience, we have helped thousands of people go through this without losing their heads. If you follow our tips below, you will find packing tips less daunting that you thought. Read below some packing tips.

Get all your packing supplies

This seems obvious to a professional move, but to the average person, it might not. You need to pick packing supplies from your mover well in advance. You have a choice to either buy or rent these boxes. These will include boxes of various sizes, box tape, bubble wrap, markers, newsprint, padded paper, dish pack dividers. Your moving company should be able to advise you on everything you need.

Make an inventory

This is critical; make an inventory of everything before you start packing so that you can double check it once you unpack. In this case, you’ll account for all your belongings, and in case anything is lost, it becomes easier to track.

Packing your items in boxes

Make some space where you’ll keep the boxes. This should be a space with enough room for the boxes and an area to walk around them. Once you pack the boxes, they should be assembled here so that the movers can pick them up. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes for easier transportation. Ideally, no box should weigh more than 50 pounds. When packing the large boxes, pack heavier items first and lighter items on top. Boxes shouldn’t have empty spaces inside; fill them up with sheets, pillows, packing paper. Don’t wait to pack all your boxes over one weekend, do some packing each day. Start with rarely used items and finish off with the essentials, unpack in the reverse order.

Label all your boxes

Always label your boxes clearly depending on the room where you packed it. This will make it easier while unpacking. The kitchen box should be clearly labeled as it is likely to contain some breakables. These should be packed with a high degree of care. Always use dividing paper and bubble wrap to protect them.

Items you’d rather not pack

There might be some items you’d rather not pack. Anything that is extremely valuable or irreplaceable should be packed with caution or not packed together with other items at all. You can make arrangements to move them with yourself.

Bargain Movers can provide full-service packing or partial packing per your needs. Our full-service packing allows you to relax and let us take care of everything for you. This is typically done the day prior to your relocation. We can also partially pack your home concentrating on some of the most difficult items such as your kitchen, lamps, art work, TV’s and fragile items. This way you can pack the easy items such as books, linens, clothes and non-fragile items. If you are in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas, contact us today for a free quote 301-685-6789.

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