Business Moving Checklist

There are many reasons why a business might need to relocate, local economies change, products change, businesses grow, all these might be a reason you may consider moving away from your current location. However, relocating a business needs careful planning. The main issue is to have a minimal impact on the operations and to ensure a smooth transition. You might also have to consider how the move will impact your bottom line and customer base. Once you make the decision to move, a checklist will go a long way to make sure everything is covered at the right time.

1 month before the move

  • By this time, the business will have made a decision to relocate and found a new office space. Contact moving companies near you and get quotes. Make sure the moving company can handle business relocation. If within Maryland, Bargain Movers will be your best option as we specialize in commercial relocation at any level.
  • Inform your employees of the intended move and encourage them start cleaning out their closets and desks.
  • Any unneeded office item should be donated to charity or sold. Don’t move with office clutter.
  • Give notice to all your service providers of the intended move. If you still require their services in your new location, you can make arrangements for them to move with you.

2 weeks to the move

  • Sign contracts with your preferred moving company after they have paid a visit to your office to determine the extent of the move.
  • Acquire moving boxes from your chosen moving company and start packing. Label all boxes appropriately. It is advisable that each employee gets a box to pack their stuff. Other boxes can have the shared items. The important thing here is to label them.
  • Get a change of address from your local post office.
  • Inform your business partners, customers, and suppliers of your new address.

Week of the move

  • Visit your new location and plan the office layout and space for each employee.
  • Acquire the services of an electrician to safely unplug all your electrical equipment and supervise their packing.
  • Hold a meeting with all the employees to determine each person’s role during the move.

Day of the move

  • Have just minimal staff involved during this day to minimize unnecessary interference and delays
  • Make a detailed inventory of everything that the moving company will handle and double check it, after relocation, go through the items against the inventory to make sure nothing is left behind or lost.
  • Inspect for any damages and if any, fill a claim form.

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