How to Move House Plants

How To Move House Plants Safely

House plants add value to a home with their beauty and warmth. They not only decorate but also give a sense of life. Plants, unlike art are living organisms that we have worked so hard to nurture. When you need to move house, plants will be a real challenge since you can’t just pack them like any other item. Plants are extremely sensitive to any changes and movement. Sometimes you have no choice but to leave the plants behind. Most moving companies won’t accept plants due to their fragile nature. To decide whether you need to move your plants, several considerations have to be the thought through. Let’s look at some of them.


The climate is the most important consideration. Different plants do well in different climates. The climate in your new location has to be similar to the previous location for your plants to survive. Most people moving within a state will have no problem with this. But for long distance moves, you may have to carefully consider weather conditions.


This is slightly different from climate. Most indoor plants are negatively affected by adverse weather conditions. For instance, winter weather may damage a plant within minutes of exposure. Very hot summers will also affect the plant. You should consider how your plants react to different weather conditions then plan the best time to move.


The value of the plants is the sum you have invested in taking care of them till the present point. You may also look at the value in terms of the benefits these plants afford you and your family. It may be the aesthetic value or medicinal value. Plants just like pets and other valuable possessions have sentimental value. Some plants are gifts from loved ones. Even if you may know that transporting these plants will be hectic, most people are prepared to give it a try just for the sentimental attachment.
Having gone through these considerations, you may decide to leave your plants behind for the next homeowner or give them to a close neighbor. This decision, made in the best interest of the plant will be painful for you but necessary for their survival of the plant. On the other hand, if you weigh the options and decide to move the plants, there are few precautions to look after to ensure high rates of survival.
If you move your plants during the hot months, insulate them properly to reduce excessive loss of moisture. You should also water them before the move. During cold winter months, reduce the exposure of the plants to the weather through proper packaging. Do not leave them outside. In the winter months, do not water the plant on the last two days before the move. This will give the soil enough time to firm up.
Light is a major factor for indoor plants. The sudden change from natural sunlight to low lighting inside a box will be stressful for them. You should get them used to low light conditions several days before the move. It is advisable to leave the top of the box open or poke holes on the side of the box to allow light get through. When you get to your destination, immediately remove the plants from the boxes and water them.
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